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Spot B

lampshade / poster

Spot is a poster, a manual and a product in one piece. The package includes a paper clip.

Spot is a poster as well as a manual to make simple yet playful shade out of it. It is a product as well as the material needed for its production. It is up to the user to decide when to make one from the other. There are several different colors and designs to choose from.



640x950 (mm)


300x300x300 (mm)

Box dimensions:

100x100x1000 (mm)


500 (g)

Necessary tools:


Level of manufacturing:


This means everyone can do it.

Available options:
  • blue,
  • green,
  • red,
  • white,
  • grey,
  • cream,
  • (select in the cart)

  • Price:

    CZK 980 / €39