About the project

Nomad is a brand of furniture and lighting designed so that anyone can make them with their own hands. All it takes is basic tools, determination and a bit of time.

The project is based on continuous research on the relationship of design and the “do it yourself” phenomenon and offers an opportunity to reflect on the beauty, utility and meaning of the things that surround us.

It shows that self-production does not have to be perceived only as an alternative, cheap and unaesthetic solution. On the contrary - that it brings a human-centred approach to products and makes the user understand and appreciate otherwise hidden ideas. The process of creation thus becomes an integral part of the resulting object, a common experience.

Emphasis is placed on the activity of creation and forming a relationship with an object. The final product is hence a materialized documentation of this process, a documentation of newly acquired knowledge - completely different from the one we acquire simply by observing and using things. Knowledge acquired through creation.

About the products

All of the individual products are designed on the same basis - self-manufacturability and consistent minimization of the number of necessary building elements and work operations (and thus cost reduction). At the same time, they can all be easily and quickly disassembled, moved and reassembled in another place (hence the name of the entire collection). Each of the objects uses a different mechanical principle, which then visually stands out thanks to simple minimalist aesthetics.

Designed by the Herrmann&Coufal studio.

@ October 2021
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